Fleetlist Photos
Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
980 [?] YT10 UWJ N230UD 1867575 OPTARE C73801 H51/35F GO2 Brown
981 YT10 UWK N230UD 1867576 OPTARE C73802 H51/35F GO2 Brown
982 YT10 UWL N230UD 1867671 OPTARE C73803 H51/35F GO2 Brown
983 YT10 UWM N230UD 1867672 OPTARE C73804 H51/35F GO2 Brown
984 [?] YT10 UWN N230UD 1867673 OPTARE C73805 H51/35F GO2 Brown
985 [?] YT10 UWO N230UD 1867879 OPTARE C73806 H51/35F GO2 Brown
986 [?] YT10 UWP N230UD 1867880 OPTARE C73807 H51/35F GO2 Brown
987 [?] YT10 UWR N230UD 1867881 OPTARE C73808 H51/35F GO2 Brown
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Page Last Updated: June 27 2017
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