Fleetlist Photos
Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
918 YT61 GPX N230UD 1875661 OPTARE C74718 H51/35F GO2 Lilac
919 YT61 GPY N230UD 1875662 OPTARE C74719 H51/35F GO2 Lilac
920 YT61 GPZ N230UD 1875663 OPTARE C74720 H51/35F GO2 Lilac
921 YT61 FFH N230UD 1875999 OPTARE C75101 H51/35F GO2 Lilac
922 YT61 FFJ N230UD 1876000 OPTARE C75102 H51/35F GO2 Lilac
923 YT61 FFK N230UD 1876001 OPTARE C75103 H51/35F GO2 Lilac
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Page Last Updated: June 27 2017
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