Fleetlist Photos
Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
418 YP17 UFH N280UD 1902723 ADL E400 CBG City G473/7 H42/30F Network Lilac
419 YP17 UGK N280UD 1903159 ADL E400 CBG City G475/10 H42/30F Network Lilac
420 YP17 UGL N280UD 1903160 ADL E400 CBG City G475/11 H42/30F Network Lilac
421 YP17 UGM N280UD 1903169 ADL E400 CBG City G475/12 H42/30F Network Lilac
422 YP17 UGN N280UD 1903164 ADL E400 CBG City G475/13 H42/30F Network Lilac
423 YP17 UGO N280UD 1903165 ADL E400 CBG City G475/14 H42/30F Network Lilac
424 YP17 UGR N280UD 1903166 ADL E400 CBG City G475/15 H42/30F Network Lilac
425 YP17 UGT N280UD 1903167 ADL E400 CBG City G475/16 H42/30F Network Lilac
736 [?] YN04 UJS N94UD 1847096 ELC C50503 H51/39F Network Lilac
737 YN04 UJZ N94UD 1847327 ELC C50509 H51/39F Network Lilac
738 [?] YN04 UJT N94UD 1847155 ELC C50504 H51/39F Network Lilac
739 [?] YN04 UJL N94UD 1847471 ELC C50515 H51/39F Network Lilac
740 [?] YN04 UJY N94UD 1847326 ELC C50508 H51/39F Network Lilac
741 YN04 UJR N94UD 1847093 ELC C50502 H51/39F Network Lilac
742 YN04 UJP N94UD 1847092 ELC C50501 H51/39F Network Lilac
743 YN04 UJF N94UD 1847906 ELC C50510 H51/39F Network Lilac
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