Fleetlist Photos
Fleet Registration        Chassis          Body Seating Brand
209 YN54 AHC N94UB 1848386 SCANIA B42F Uni Hopper
215 YN54 AHK N94UB 1848573 SCANIA B42F Training
219 YN54 AHV N94UB 1848645 SCANIA B42F Network Lime
220 [?] YN54 AHU N94UB 1848647 SCANIA B42F Network Lime
507 FP02 YDW CN94UB SCANIA B40F Training
508 FG52 WFT CN94UB SCANIA B40F Training
509 FG52 WFU CN94UB SCANIA B40F Training
510 [?] FG52 WFV CN94UB SCANIA B40F Training
515 YN07 EYA N230UB 1857101 SCANIA B42F Green Spare
516 YN07 EYB N230UB 1857102 SCANIA B42F Green Spare
517 YN07 EYC N230UB 1857103 SCANIA B42F Uni Hopper
518 YN07 EYD N230UB 1857104 SCANIA B42F Green Spare
538 YN56 FAK N230UB 1855679 SCANIA B41F Uni Hopper
539 YN56 FAM N230UB 1855680 SCANIA B41F Uni Hopper
540 YN56 FAO N230UB 1855681 SCANIA B41F Uni Hopper
541 YN56 FAU N230UB 1855682 SCANIA B41F Uni Hopper
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