Fleetlist Photos
Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
209 YN54 AHC N94UB 1848386 SCANIA B42F Uni Hopper
538 YN56 FAK N230UB 1855679 SCANIA B41F Uni Hopper
539 YN56 FAM N230UB 1855680 SCANIA B41F Uni Hopper
540 YN56 FAO N230UB 1855681 SCANIA B41F Uni Hopper
541 YN56 FAU N230UB 1855682 SCANIA B41F Uni Hopper
768 FF04 JBX Dennis Trident2 33468 Myllennium Lolyne 49406 (ex GMN376N) H47/25F Uni Hopper
769 FF04 JBY Dennis Trident2 33437 Myllennium Lolyne 49401 (ex GMN 371N) H47/25F Uni Hopper
770 FF04 JXL Dennis Trident2 33438 Myllennium Lolyne 49402 (ex GMN 375N) H47/25F Uni Hopper
771 FF04 JXM Dennis Trident2 33448 Myllennium Lolyne 49403 (ex GMN 373N) H47/25F Uni Hopper
772 FF04 JXN Dennis Trident2 33449 Myllennium Lolyne 49404 (ex GMN 374N) H47/25F Uni Hopper
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  • University of Nottingham Hopper Services. Vehicles 538-541 and 768-772 are owned and maintained by NCT, with the Omnicities purchased from Reading Buses and the 5 Tridents from the Isle of Man. 209 used to be Go2 Uni 34. All are based at the Gotham depot.
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Page Last Updated: June 27 2017
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